Saturday, August 28, 2010

Modern Day Alchemy

Throughout ancient history people have been trying to change base metals such as aluminum into gold or other precious metals. Unfortunately they have never been successful but recently researchers have transformed old metal into something useful.

Alkemi, pronounced like alchemy, is a surface material made from aluminum shavings. Made from post scrap materials, it is certified by the SCS and provides LEED credits. Instead of the metal scraps being burned and polluting our air with thick smoke, they are recycled, covered with resin, and used as surfaces. From far away it looks like a normal counter top but up close you can see the small metal shavings. 

Available in multiple finishes and colors, Alkemi is not only aesthetically appealing, it is also a great green material:
  • Certified by the Scientific Certification Systems, which evaluates sustainable materials
  • Provides LEED credits for builders under the "Materials and Resources" category
  • No VOC parts detectable, less than 100 parts per million
  • Does not contain fire retardants
  • Safe in kitchens and food preparation
Overall, Alkemi is an amazing material made from renewable sources; it can be used as surface tops, wall decor, and much more. Please visit the Alkemi website for more information, pictures, and distributor locators. 

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