Monday, May 17, 2010

Oil Spill to Damage Coral Reef

Approximately one month ago, an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded not only killing eleven workers but damaging the environment. The oil spill has yet to be contained so thousands of gallons of oil are being released into the ocean. The estimated amount per day is 210,000 gallons of crude oil.

Marine biologists and scientists are worried the oil is going to catch in ocean currents and be carried to the Florida coast. The oil will destroy coral reefs, endanger animals, and off set the oceans acidity. Coral reefs are already endangered so oil spills worsen the conditions. This is also interesting- oil spill clean up agents may also damage coral. According to Science Daily, these cleaning materials cause "widespread death and delay in growth rates" to reefs.

In addition to killing coral reef, crude oil in the ocean also affects other marine life:

  • Bird's feather's get covered in oil and when they clean themselves they are poisoned

  • Sea animals breathe the oil and it breaks down their lungs

  • Underwater creatures may swim into the oil and go blind

  • Any animal higher on the food chain whom eats a smaller animal affected by oil will also die
Let's hope BP (British Petroleum) is able to get this oil spill under control so no further employees, animals, or habitats are affected.

If you would like to help with the aftermath of this oil spill, please visit the National Audubon Society. Here you can donate time, money, or supplies.

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