Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Green College Student is Graduating

I am sad to announce this is my last post as the Green College Student; while I have already graduated from Arizona State University, I am graduating in a different aspect of my life. I have officially accepted a full-time position as Marketing Manager at an up and coming environmental firm. Under my new contract any article I write in relation to sustainability or environmental technology must be representing my new employer. While I am beyond excited for my new position, I am going to miss this site.

This post is bittersweet, I am thankful for all I have accomplished as the Green College from networking to  improving my writing but also gaining experience in social media. Although I have a strong resume, I would like to point out this website really helped me get my job now. I want to thank all my followers, the business contacts I made and most importantly my readers. In the past couple months, the traffic on this site greatly increased and I want to thank each of you personally for checking out my website. At this time, all previous articles and posts will be left online until further notice.

I look forward to writing in the near future on a new website- but that's secret for now. I can't wait to start the next chapter in my environmental career, thank you Green College Student Fans!

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